" Farewell HMS Ark Royal (R07) "

20th May 2013 

Portsmouth Harbour to  the Leyal Ship recycling yard in Aliaga Turkey, photos taken on board  the Solent  & Wightline Cruise Line ship, "Wight Scene".

Towed out of Portsmouth Harbour by Tugs, Independent, Indulgent, Bountiful, Powerful & A Bannister.

Escorted out by HMS Diamond (D34), Daring Class Destroyer. 

Final journey will be towed by Christos XXIII 

HMS Ark Royal R07

Motto: Zeal Does Not Rest

Launched: 2nd June 1981

Commissioned: 1st November 1985.

Decommissioned: 11th March 2011.

Departed Portsmouth Harbour 20th May 2013

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